Our Investment Approach

      • Match exceptional management talent with each opportunity

        Our vast, comprehensive network of top executives allows us to best match the experience of management talent to a given target company

      • Create operational value over the long-term

        The value of our executive network is borne out in deep industry knowledge and understanding of key drivers providing a basis for value creation over the long-term

      • Demonstrate capital discipline

        We perform rigorous due diligence to understand and quantify the opportunities and risks inherent in an investment in order to achieve the best possible returns

      • Align management incentives

        Our goal is to properly incentivize management through significant ownership and remuneration for achieving outstanding results

      • Maintain flexibility

        We strive to maintain flexibility in structuring transactions in order to facilitate closing

      Superior Talent

      We believe in talent and performance. We know that in order to become a high level executive of a Fortune 1000 company, talent, drive and stellar performance records are a must. If you are a woman, the bar is just that much higher. Our chosen talent pool are proven performers.

      Hypatia Capital believes there should be more women at the helm of America’s largest corporations. We strive to make this a reality by finding and partnering with the top female executives to acquire businesses which they will lead to great success. We will carefully acquire businesses one by one, but we will not be satisfied until women are as well represented in the CEO suite as they are in the workforce overall.

      Focus On Top Performers

      Hypatia Capital constantly updates its database of top female executives from public and private sources. We continually market to, and network with, the top female executives to generate a robust merchant banking pipeline.

      • News On Women

        Most complete updates on women's promotions to the top ranks of corporate America.

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        Fortune's list of the 50 most powerful women in business.

      • Forbes' The World's Most Powerful Women

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      • The 25 Most Powerful Women in Banking

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      • The 25 Most Powerful Women in Finance

        American Bankers's list of the 25 most powerful women in finance.

      Superior Results

      • Research tells us that in 2009, Fortune 500 companies led by women outperformed the S&P 500 index by 100%.

      • Research tells us that companies with more women Board Directors outperform those that don't by over 40% on ROE, ROI and ROS.

      • Research tells us that "star" women performers outperform their male counterparts when switching jobs, due to superior external networks and greater scrutiny of non-compensatory fit with new opportunities.

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