About Hypatia Capital

Our Vision

Hypatia Capital is an asset management investing in women in leadership.

Our vision in is one of equality.

We believe in talent and performance. We know that in order to become a high level executive of a Fortune 1000 company or a successful fund manager, talent, drive and stellar performance records are a must. If you are a woman, the bar is just that much higher. Our chosen talent pool are proven performers.

Hypatia Capital believes there should be more women at the helm of America’s largest corporations and in the investment management industry. We strive to make this a reality by focusing on investing in women in leadership in all asset classes.  We will not be satisfied until women are as well represented in the CEO suite as they are in the workforce overall.

Our Solutions

The Hypatia Women CEO ETF (NYSE: WCEO) invests in all American public companies with a female CEO, small to mega cap.

The Hypatia Women CEO Index (HWCEO) – Powered by Wilshire is designed to measure the performance of female leadership in publicly traded companies.

The Hypatia Women Hedge Fund Index (HWIX) – Powered by Wilshire is designed to measure female hedge fund performance.

Our hedge fund initiative, the Hypatia Women Fund Managers I (HWFM) is a proactive solution for qualified investors to invest directly in women hedge fund managers who meet certain rules-based criteria. Our goal is to grow the percentage of hedge fund AUM managed by women, and increase the prominence of these exceptional managers within the institutional investor community.

Our private equity initiative, currently on hiatus, includes both growth equity and buyout transactions. Our deal size is lower-middle market to middle-market transactions, where we collaborate with larger private equity funds.

Our Talent

Our Advisory Board