• Deal Sourcing

        Hypatia Capital sources deals primarily through its strong executive network. We also maintain extensive investment banking contacts and are regularly contacted regarding opportunities in our focus sectors.

      • Investment Evaluation

        Hypatia Capital performs rigorous due diligence, including an assessment of target company's management, operations, and financial condition and forecasts. We also carefully asses the target company's positioning within a sector and the outlook for that sector.

      • Investment Committee / Closing

        Hypatia Capital thoroughly reviews each proposed investment with our investment committee and strategic financial partners. We collaborate extensively with potential co-investors and work with funding sources to ensure successful closing.

      • Portfolio Management

        Hypatia Capital seamlessly works with management to create detailed financial and operating plans prior to closing. Our philosophy is to remain actively involved in growth planning without encroaching on management's autonomy.

      • Board Involvement

        Hypatia Capital strives for gender-balanced board structures. Our deep bench of senior executives in all of our sectors of focus allow us to bring meaningful viewpoints to the table, both as inside and outside directors.

      • Exit Strategies

        Hypatia Capital analyzes the viability of anticipated exit strategies during the investment evaluation process. We continuously evaluate exit opportunities and market conditions to best obtain return objectives.

      • Networks and Affinity Groups

        Networks and Affinity Groups